Random YouTube Videos

So you’re one of those people who just wants to watch random YouTube videos, because you’re brain is bored with categorised and featured content: that’s where randomyoutube.net comes in.

This site provides YouTube video links that are considered a random representation of the YouTube universe of videos. Perhaps you’re interested in watching a Japanese girl urinate in public, someone suplex his brother onto his bed, or someone fry an egg. That’s what this site provides: unusual, boring, amazing, retarded, mundane, and gifted - all in one site. Where else can you get that kind of diversity, and without having to think about it?

Go ahead, you’ve got time to waste.

Oh, and sometimes people remove videos from YouTube. Unfortunately we do not pull these video IDs out of our database, so you may end up hitting a few duds. Sorry about that.

Please note that this site is still in beta and although we are currently collecting fairly random YouTube video links, we have not yet run the necessary statstical calculations to confirm the true level of randomness in the database. That being said, if you would like a list of semi-random YouTube video IDs for research purposes only, please contact us directly.

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